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Dhinimex Co., Ltd (the Company) is one of the largest companies for Electrical Materials supply, Construction, Installation, Erection and Services in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The core business of the company are construction and installation of the electrical power networks, manufacturing and supplying of centrifugal pre-stressed concrete poles, distribution transformer, MV/LV control panel and as well as  servicing of the Transformers, Generators , switchgears, etc.

Dhinimex Co., Ltd  (Dhinimex/DHM)  a registered company since 2003, has imported, sold and distributed all kind of heavy duty trucks/vehicles, electrical materials for MV and LV from abroad and domestic supplier, manufactory. The company has demonstrated high quality products with variety of choice, competitive price and great services to serve our customers. Our goals aim at quality and trust as priority to our customers.

To strengthen our position as a leader of the all kind of vehicles and electricity equipment provider, the company has the clear vision to:

  • Help our business achieve our leadership goals
  • Provide more jobs to people
  • Enhance our supply, with modern technology and expertise in field
  • Light up Cambodia especially rural area by electricity
  • Venture into global market to be the best

Dhinimex is a legal entity to import and export, retailing the brand new or used heavy-duty vehicles, spare parts, electrical equipment and materials and other accessories in Cambodia. The import cargoes mainly are from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, china, etc. and retail those goods in Cambodia. The core business of the company are but not limited to the following items:

  • Construction purposes: Crane, Bulldozers, Lift crane, Trucks etc.,
  • Power system: Power Generators, Transformers, Cables/Wires, Electronic and Electromechanical kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) meters, Centrifugal pre stressed  etc. mainly sold to Electricit√© du Cambodge (EDC), which is a state owned utility and the Cambodian rural & urban electricity private enterprises (REEs).
  • Other related products are also including in our business activities.

The affiliation companies of Dhinimex are Electricity of Kien Svay (Elek), Electricity of Touk Meas (ETM), Eastern Power Supply Enterprise (EAPOSE), Portable Water of Chhouk (POWCH) and centrifugal prestressed concrete pole factory Khmer Concrete Co., Ltd (KCC). These affiliation offices are specialized in Electrical Services and Power System installation, construction and service. As well as, Dhinimex Co., Ltd is also supported by the engineering team called E&C Group as the consulting team to conduct the upgrading the electrical networks, study, design and supervise the electrical project.

Presentation & Showcase at Rural Electricity Association (REA) meeting 2014

Year End Customer Thank giving party

Dhinimex Charity day at SOS organization

Training Program for Customers

DHM Staffs Training Program by Stanley, Singapore

EDC& DHM team visit to Precise Thailand to Witness the Testing of Transformer

Presentation & Showcase at Rural Electricity Association (REA) meeting

Product Exhibition & Presentation at Siam Reap REA meeting